Leather jacket: the origins

First of all you must know that the nail is strictly Italian and refers to the punk custom of keeping a nail in your pocket.

Initially, the leather jacket was known as a “flying jacket” because it was worn only by aviators. But it is with the name Perfecto that the leather jacket gains popularity in the world. The model was created in 1928 by the American Irving Schott for the Schott Brother NYC, and became the leader most used by motorcyclists. For the name the latter was inspired by his favorite cigar brand.

Leather pants in particular seem to be a trend in the trend: the VIPs love them very much and show off often, especially if they are super adherent model leggins.

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As for the skirt instead, the ideal cut is the classic sheath dress, or straight but with a split; to complete the look add in the case of the ankle boots trousers, while in the case of the skirt you can also wear a décolleté shoe. A tip for the more daring (and with long legs!): Dare with a pair of boots even higher than the classic cuissards like those we saw on the Gucci or Versace winter catwalks. Even with coats and jackets you have to go easy and be realistic: a long leather trench coat is good for a very tall woman, while for the more coats a short screwed jacket is recommended.

Leather leggings are one of the most fashionable trends of autumn winter 2017 2018. But how do they wear so as not to be vulgar? And who are they really good for?

Autumn winter fashion 2017 2018 = leather leggings. Whether black, burgundy, dark or blue, if there is a piece of clothing that can not miss in a fashionista’s wardrobe, this is leather leggings. Take care: in the last period we see them worn everywhere, at any time and in any mode, defining very different looks, despite being the same boss. Precisely because leather leggings are a very versatile garment, although it seems to be more complicated to wear than it really is.

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The boot model in the shape of an ankle boot is the must-have of the season, reproposed and copied by many other fashion houses but they have not been able to match it in terms of quality.

They are perfect amphibians for the entire winter season, with lining in synthetic lining and external in real leather, glossy or opaque depending on the type of model chosen. Dr. Martens offers extremely qualitative and comfortable shoes that you wear look like a second skin for the foot. This model is so special that you either love it or hate it, some boast its practicality and durability; while others complain that they are too heavy and rigid. The price is a bit ‘excessive for the type of shoes, but it will certainly be amortized over time given the high quality of the materials that compose them. The most popular color is the amaranth, followed by black and green.